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Hand of the Week is back after a long hiatus, featuring hands from Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming tournaments. You can receive each new hand in your inbox by sending an email to hotw-request@taigabridge.net with "subscribe" as the subject.


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Farthest North Bridge Club
My hometown bridge club for most of the last 20 years, and information all about Unit 426 happenings.
Anchorage Bridge Center
Anchorage, Alaska unit website.
SWAN Games Company
Get one month of free tournament play at Swan Games when you join through this site! Social games are free to everyone, all day every day.
ACBL District 18
(Wyoming, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana, and Idaho = WASUMI)
ACBL District 19
(Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska)
Bridge Base
The best of the free online bridge-play sites, and home to a great collection of articles by experts and hands from previous world championships.
The Bridge Base Forums, one of the leading places to discuss bridge online (a bit 2/1-centric but lots of great contributions).
BridgeWinners, another free bridge discussion forum.
I post occasionally on both of the above as "Siegmund."
The American Contract Bridge League website:
Join the ACBL
Calendar of upcoming tournaments
Convention charts
Alert chart
Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge (WBF version - the ACBL version is slightly different)
GIB - Ginsberg's Intelligent Bridgeplayer
Originally it stood for "Goren in a box." The best computer bridge player yet written.
See also the links on my online teaching material page.

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