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Handmade fabric card holders

A TaigaBridge exclusive! Order yours today, $25.00 each.

Fabric card holder
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These top-quality card holders securely grip the surface of your card table and hang over the edge, letting you see your cards without any worry of an opponent getting a peek because you're holding your hand wrong. The stiffened card tray is eleven inches wide, room to spread out even large-index cards far enough to see every index with space to spare. The bean-bag-style top half adds a personalized touch of color to your bridge table.

These are custom-made for me by Emillie Simpson of Moose Have Crafts. (The more bridge tournaments I go to, the more weekends she gets to have to herself to work on new craft projects!) Available in a wide variety of fabrics — bridge-themed, floral patterns, nature scenes, favorite football teams... if you want something special, write to her and ask her if she has the fabric you want.

Two more photos, showing the cardholder lying flat on the table, and the non-slip backing (click to enlarge):

Card holder Card holder
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