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Archived teaching material

Gordon Bower

These are a series of articles about bidding style and judgement, aimed at beginning and intermediate players, dating back to the period 2002-2005, when I first created TaigaBridge. They are preserved here (un-edited and un-reformatted), at their original URLs, in case anyone has saved links to them.

How short is a short club?
Your partner will sometimes open a 3-card club or diamond suit. But if you assume he always has a real suit... guess what... nothing bad ever happens! Read to find out why.
When is it right to open the bidding light?
Part I - first and second seat
Part II - third seat
Part III - fourth seat
Should you join the MAFIA?
Part I - introducing the three styles of responding to 1-level openings, Traditional, Walsh, and MAFIA
Part II - The three styles in action
Part III - suggested changes to your second- and third-round bidding methods to gain the most benefit from the MAFIA response style
Do you pass often enough?
A look at common situations where many club-level players bid too much.
Part I: Partner opens 1NT
Part II: Partner opens with a weak two-bid
Part III: Fourth seat
Part IV: Partner opens and you have 5 HCP
Defending against your opponents' exotic opening bids
Have you faced a Wilkosz 2 opening, or even just a common Mini-Roman 2 opening, and not known what your partner's 2NT overcall meant? Simple, firm agreements for handling any opposing opening-bid convention you encounter can be a lifesaver!
The Bidding Playground
System notes with my regular face-to-face bridge partner, with details on the homegrown conventions we find most valuable and interesting. Recommended for experienced partnerships only.
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