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Professional play

You can hire me to play with you in a club game (at my local club in Kalispell, Montana, or in your hometown when I am visiting) and discuss the hands with you afterward. Contact me to find out what dates I am available.

You can also hire me as your partner for a tournament, either for a single event or for the whole tournament. Pricing is specific to each tournament, depending on what it costs me to travel to and stay at the tournament site.

If you would like to hire three or more expert players to play team events with you, I have several colleagues who will be happy to join me. Ask for details!

What to expect

Wherever we play, you can look forward to a pleasant game, and as thorough of a discussion of the hands afterward as you would like. Bridge is supposed to be fun, too, not just good exercise for the brain.

Let me know whether you prefer immediate feedback, or no discussion until after the session. Whatever works best to keep your concentration for the rest of the session is what we should do.

If you have a favorite system, I can usually accommodate you. In my regular partnerships, I play 2/1, Standard American, Polish Club, and An Unassuming Club, and I enjoy fine-tuning bidding systems for best results. I'm happy to help you get the most out of your methods as well as helping you sharpen your judgment and cardplay. (If you enjoy systems and conventions too, several of my own creations and enhancements are published on my bidding conventions page.)

My plans for upcoming tournaments

These are tournaments in my area in the next six months that I'm interested in attending:

18-21 October 2018Great Falls, MTSectionalBooked
29 October-04 November 2018Leavenworth, WARegionalAvailable
09-11 November 2018Billings, MTSectionalTentative
04-06 January 2019Calgary, ABSectionalTentative
11-13 January 2019Missoula, MTSectionalAvailable
7-10 March 2019Great Falls, MTSectionalAvailable
13-19 May 2019Pocatello, IDRegionalAvailable
16-22 September 2019Butte, MTRegionalAvailable

Don't see one listed that is near you or fits your schedule? I am happy to travel to your area to play with you, if my schedule permits. Drop me a line and ask me about your favorite tournament.

I will also be selling bridge books and supplies at most Montana tournaments.

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