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Invented Games

Gordon Bower
Besides playing bridge and backgammon (and a bunch of other games), Gordon has also invented several new games over the years. Three of these have been play-tested by others and gotten a very positive response:
Iceberg - a rummy variation, invented in 1996.
Each additional card added to an existing meld is worth more and more points. Should you play a small meld now, or hope to go out in one turn later, preventing your oppoinent from taking advantage of what you've started?
Grinch Chess - a Christmas-themed Kriegspiel, invented in December 2009.
Santa (a knight) tries to visit as many squares on the chessboard as he can before the Grinch (a rook) nabs him.
Lowball Dice - a fast-paced two-player betting game, halfway between yahtzee and poker dice, invented in summer 2010.
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