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Cribbage Books

[Cover Photo] Cribbage for Experts and Future Experts
Dan Barlow
The principles of expert pegging strategy: visualizing your opponent's possible holdings, deciding whether your goal is to score yourself or prevent your opponent from scoring, and more.
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[Cover Photo] Fun With Cribbage
Dan Barlow
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[Cover Photo] Miracles on 4th Street: A Quiz Book for Cribbage Fanatics
Dan Barlow
Subtitled "A quiz book for cribbage fanatics." Several questions about each of fifty tricky positions, followed by questions about key plays in three complete games. Great way to hone your judgment on close decisions!
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[Cover Photo] Winning Cribbage Tips
Dan Barlow
A collection of short tips on discarding and pegging, organized according to the phase of the game and the complexity of the tips. Ideal for reading a few pages at a time whenever you have a spare moment, if you don't have the time to sit down and study a whole book thoroughly.
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