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[Cover Photo] The Mathematics of Poker
Bill Chen and Jerrod Ankenman
A comprehensive guide to the theory of the game, from the simplest "toy versions" of poker on up to advice you can apply at the table. Optimal bluffing ranges, bet sizing, and more. Retail price $29.95!
Available now and ready to ship

[Cover Photo] Middle Limit Holdem Poker
Bob Ciaffone and Jim Brier
If you want to learn by looking over the shoulder of an expert as he plays hundreds of tricky hands, this is the book for you. Every chapter is full of examples drawn from real play. Organized by hand type and street; a whole chapter just on how to play overcards on the flop, for instance. No pretty pictures or fancy charts in this book -- just solid advice cover to cover!
Slightly shopworn. Cover shows wear, all pages are in excellent condition. A bargain. Regular retail price $25.00.
By special order only

Swiss Team Tactics
Harold Feldheim
A detailed look at how Swiss Teams strategy differs from longer knockout teams matches and from pairs play. Special sections on how to cope with exceptionally weak or strong opponents.
This is a very underrated book, very readable, and the bidding and delcaring advice is excellent in general even if you don't play Swisses particularly often.

A popular out-of-print item. Only one left in stock!
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[Cover Photo] Moments of Truth at the Bridge Table
R. Jayaram
A collection of deals from real play where expert declarers took seemingly anti-percentage lines and explained their thought processes afterward. Sometimes it's just "table sense," other times there is more going on behind the scenes with the odds than you think! Out of print and hard to find. Retails at $16.95. When my copies are gone they're gone.
Available now and ready to ship

[Cover Photo] Winning Low Limit HOLD'EM
Lee Jones
Covers it all from the basics of hand selection and pot odds through to more advanced concepts like the semibluff. Highly recommended as a first book of hold'em for a serious beginner. After reading this you'll be ready to tackle low limit games and move on to Miller's Small Stakes Hold'em for your second book.
2nd edition, 2000. Cover price $24.95.
Available now and ready to ship

[Cover Photo] Gamesman Bridge
Eddie Kantar
A rarely seen early Kantar book, from way back in 1972. The story of a beginner named Stanley's journey to becoming a strong bridge player. Is it a bridge novel, or a lesson series taught with the classic Kantar wit sprinkled through it from beginning to end?
Available now and ready to ship

[Cover Photo] Kelsey on Squeeze Play
Hugh Kelsey
Get a classic book at 20% off! Retails for $36.00!
A reprint of Kelsey's four classic books on simple, double, triple, and strip squeezes, bound as one volume. An abundance of examples of hands drawn from real play, and a classification of different types of threats and guards. Great if you like collections of interesting hands, or if you prefer to "learn by example" at a laid-back pace how squeezes work.
Available now and ready to ship

[Cover Photo] The Power of Shape
Ron Klinger
Understand how your distribution impacts the value of your face cards. General theory, advice on when it is right to over- or under-bid, and chapters on how to handle modern bidding tools like the splinter bid. Recently reprinted,and marked down from the $22.95 cover price!
By special order only

[Cover Photo] Encyclopedia of Card Play Techniques
Guy Levé
Perhaps the most complete catalogue of declarer-play techniques ever assembled. It opens with a summary of planning the play, then describes and shows an example of every known declarer play maneuver, from the mundane like suit establishment and the different kinds of finesses, through all sorts of endplays and coups to two dozen different kinds of trump squeezes. A great reference for the serious student of the game.
List price $34.95! A fantastic collection of hands; I'd hate to see the cover price keep you from reading it.
Available now and ready to ship

[Cover Photo] Adventures in Card Play
Geza Ottlik and Hugh Kelsey
The great classic book of exotic cardplay techniques. Recently reprinted. Well worth the $35 cover price, but $5 off if you order it from me!
Available now and ready to ship

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